Marketing Ideas for Delivery Companies in 2022

أفكار تسوقية لشركات التوصيل

Are you constantly thinking about how to grow your delivery company’s customer base? Do you think a lot about ways to stand out from the competition? Then you should start thinking about your marketing efforts for your delivery company. In this article we outline some of the main marketing channels that you should utilize in […]

How to choose a delivery company for your online store

المتاجر الإلكترونية

No one imagined that e-commerce would be so popular in the Arab world. Today, a few years after its beginnings, it has become the wheel of the economy, and it directly affects the national return. This lucrative business that has attracted pioneers of all ages and fields is complex despite its simplicity. E-commerce in the […]

LAST MILE | High Cost And Advanced Solutions

تكاليف التوصيل

LAST MILE | High Cost And Advanced Solutions Consumer behavior has changed recently, delivery standards have evolved, and market requirements have become more complex. Customer satisfaction requires speed and effectiveness by delivery companies more than ever before. Since the last mile process is the most important in the modern world of logistics, companies must find […]

Cash On Delivery | Advantages and Challenges

الدفع عند الإستلام لوجستكس

Covid 19 pandemic has accelerated the rate of adoption of e-commerce in the Arab world, which in turn contributed to the entry of thousands of new e-commerce and delivery companies to the market. While online purchases gained popularity however the popularity of e-payments lagged behind, thus emerged the need to devise methods of payment, which […]

Time In Delivery | The Importance Of Management

أهنية الوقت في عملية التوصيل

Consumer expectations for faster delivery times are growing rapidly, and retailers are tirelessly strategizing ways to provide these services. At the same time Logistics and delivery companies are looking toward new technology to make the last mile of delivery less time consuming. Today, whether the customer is a homeowner waiting for his home furniture to […]

Last Mile | Challenges and solutions

تحديات الميل الاخير وحلولها

The world is experiencing a digital revolution that has affected all sectors, and made companies from all countries of the earth try to modernize this digitization through creative solutions, and by entering into partnerships with the technology sector, which provides solutions that doubles the profit and reduces the effort. The concepts and terms of the […]

Delivery Management Software Impact on the satisfaction of e-commerce consumers

Delivery Management Software

It is an established fact that the relationship between delivery companies and e-commerce stores is interdependent, meaning that the success or failure of one is the success or failure of the other. In the context of e-commerce businesses, the final consumer will judge the e-commerce store’s services not only based on the service that the […]

LAST MILE | Reasons To Automate This Operation

Last Mile

After the quantum leap in the world of logistics, competition between companies rose, causing consumer expectations to change forever. It is imperative for delivery companies to change their traditional management of the last mile process, to raise competition and secure a place in this thorny field. “I will invest billions of dollars to build a […]

How Delivery Technology Contributes To Last Mile Solutions

تكنولوجيا التوصيل

While most industries suffered due to Covid 19 pandemic, there were very few industries that actually thrived due to the global shutdowns. Both the e-commerce and the last mile delivery industries exhibited unprecedented economic growth. These industries managed to sweep the scene during the Corona pandemic, unlike most sectors, which witnessed economic collapse. During the […]