Key Fob Buyers

Key Fob Buyers is a recycling company that buys worn-out key fob remotes. We offer competitive pricing for your unwanted remotes, smart keys, and remote head keys. Why throw them out for free when you can make some money?

What Do We Do?

As our name suggests, we buy the key fobs that you want to dispose by trading you cash at market value.

Deciding on the Price

The price of the product depends upon its market value. Remotes that are in short supply and high in demand are pricier compared to those that are more easily available in the market. Similarly, remotes for new vehicles are more expensive than those for older ones.

How To Sell Your Remotes or Fob Keys?

It is very easy to sell your remotes at Key Fob Buyers. All you need to do is fill out the form provided on our website.

You will be required to submit your basic information and contact details so that we can ship you a shipping label free of cost.

We will process your order, and within 3 to 5 business days

You will receive your payment.

Which Brands Do We Accept?

We accept key fobs of all brands, including fobs from domestic, luxury, new, old, functioning or non-functioning vehicles.

frequently asked questions​

Collect the key fobs you want to sell. Register your information at our website to get a prepaid shipping label. Ship them to us and receive your payment within 3 to 5 business days.

You can receive your payment either via business check or PayPal. When registering, make sure you check the box for your choice of payment method on your packing slip.

The prices vary according to the market rates and type of fob you are selling.

The prices vary according to the market rates and type of fob you are selling.

When we receive an order, it usually takes 3-5 business days to process and issue the payment. Along with the check or PayPal payment, you will receive a list enlisting the fob keys you sold so that you know for sure what amount we paid you for each item.

Yes, we do. You can request prepaid shipping through the contact us form.

It’s impossible to say because every case is valued differently. Before we can determine the value of any claim, we must carefully assess the circumstances and investigate the details of the accident. Be wary of any firm that promises to accurately value your claim before conducting an investigation.

For safe shipping, we suggest using USPS with tracking information. Here is how many key fobs can fit in a flat rate box that you’ll find at a post office.
Small flat rate box ~ 40 key fobs
Medium flat rate box ~ 150 key fobs
Large flat rate box ~ 300 key fobs

Yes, we buy almost all key fobs available, however there are a few items that we are currently not accepting. Please contact us for more details regarding this issue.

No worries, we do accept such items. Although the more damaged a remote is, the overall value will be decreased.

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