Welcome to Qsure

A preventative healthcare platform

Healthier employees make happier employees. A healthier workforce is the key to your organization’s success. An investment in their well-being is an investment in your organization. So, what can you do in order to improve the fitness and wellbeing of your employees?

Qsure is the answer. It’s a three step preventative healthcare management platform comprising of a Hospitalization plan to support out of pocket medical costs.

What is Qsure?

Qsure is a supplementary Benefits Provider that provides employees unlimited access to tools and resources to promote a healthier lifestyle at no out-of-pocket cost to the employee or the employer.

Employee Benefits

At Qsure we provide your employees with additional health benefits with additional health benefits beyond primary health care plans.

Initial Health Screening

Our initial health screening includes a self assessment , biometric and DNA Screening all of which can be tracked online.

Multi-Channel Coaching

Our multi-channel tracking is not only web based but also has an option to speak to coaches over the phone. There is 24/7 access and no copay.

Wellness Coaching

Our licensed health coaches will diligently assist you in tasks as simple as nutrition information as well more complex mental health issues such as stress.

Confidence Support Assitance

Our health professionals also provide services that aid in supporting you confidence in your work and in your self.

Seven Claim Payment Activities

Activities included in our plan are telemedicine, DNA Screening, Health Risk Assessment, Online Health Coaching, Telephonic Health Coaching, Online Wellness Coaching and Biometric Screening

Preventative Health Care Benefits

Qsure provides a plethora of benefits including increased take home pay as well as 24/7 telemedicine.

Employer Benefits

Tax Savings

Annual Tax Savings of $600 per employee

Hospital Indemnity

Provides your Employees with Hospital Indemnity Plan.

Immediate Savings

Immediate Tax Savings Once Program is Initiated and First Payroll is Run.

MEC Plan Availability

If Needed, We Can Add MEC Plan for ACA Compliance

Health Management Platform

Provides Employees with All-Inclusive Preventative Health Management Platform

Address Workplace Issues

Addresses All Workplace Sexual Harassment & Discrimination Issues

Personal Health Management

A personal health dashboard to monitor your health optimization progress on mobile.

Managing Your Health Just Got Easier.

Employees can manage their tasks and benefits on the employee Personal Health DashboardTM (PHD), which includes an individual risk profile, a customized monthly action plan, a risk resolution center, and health reminders. This personal health dashboard to monitor your health optimization progress by assessment of risk profile, a monthly action plan with activities backed by health reminders and a resolution center.