Are you constantly thinking about how to grow your delivery company’s customer base? Do you think a lot about ways to stand out from the competition? Then you should start thinking about your marketing efforts for your delivery company.

In this article we outline some of the main marketing channels that you should utilize in 2022 to market your delivery company.

1- Social Media

More than half the population of the planet is on social media, and companies from various industries use social media to increase awareness of their brands and attract new customers.


Facebook is the most widely used platform in the Arab World. There is no doubt that you will find your target audience through Facebook. In order to attract your target audience you will need to create a professional facebook page for your delivery company and you will have to get creative with your content.

Traditional content is no longer attractive for social media users, you have to find content that engages your audience such as contests and interactive questions, that is in addition to short entertaining videos. Most importantly you need to post consistently on your social media pages to keep a professional impression.


Twitter is another social media platform that you can use to promote your delivery company. To stay relevant in Twitter you will need to follow industry influencers, and you should engage through your page in engaging topics in your industry.

Tweet about your company’s solutions, offers and use testimonials from your customers. Tweet about your industry and share your expertise, so that customers can see what makes your delivery company special.


LinkedIn is a strong marketing channel. Through LinkedIn you can connect to relevant bodies such as other companies and professionals in the field who could become your partners or customers. In addition you can post about debatable topics and get the opinions of industry influencers and leaders. You can also use LinkedIn to post about vacancies at your delivery company to attract top talent to your team.

Through LinkedIn you will be able to post articles and share your experiences. Keep your LinkedIn posts professional. Your LinkedIn account will impact your customer’s perception of how professional your company is.


With more than one billion users, the Chinese platform changed the ways that marketers use social media to promote their brands. Through TikTok, delivery companies can promote their brand and company through short entertaining videos, targeting any customer segment they want.

What is special about this platform is that with one successful video you can reach millions of people overnight and for free. If you choose to promote your delivery company through TikTok you can post videos about your daily work or film any interesting parts of your delivery operations. We see in this platform a great opportunity for companies to promote themselves. If you start using TikTok do not forget to use music and hashtags!

2- Website

Due to the creation of content management softwares such as WordPress, creating a website for your delivery company is easier than it ever was. If using a CMS you don’t need a developer or a designer, and the costs of creating your webpage will not exceed a few dollars.

However it is not enough to create a static website for your delivery company. To get the most out of your website you will have to continuously create content that features industry relevant keywords, keywords that your potential customers use when searching for delivery services online. You will also need to work on optimizing your website for search engines to be able to read its content and connect it with relevant search queries.

3- Influencers

Influencers can have a huge impact on brand awarness, given that the audience of such followers are highly impressionable by anything promoted to them by the influencer. If you use Influencers marketing to promote your delivery company you will notice a big boost in the number of your followers, and potentially, your customers.

In any case you have to choose influencers carefully. You need to find an influencer with a character that fits your brand. As you are negotiating the terms of the promotion with an influencer, ask for their channel’s analytics, so that you can know if there is a good match between the infleuncer’s followers and your target audience. After that you can decide on the actual content that the influencer will create for you.

4- Traditional Marketing

In addition to the above mentioned channels, traditional (offline) marketing methods remain powerful. For example things such as business cards and billboards, can improve your brand recognition, for the name will get stuck in people’s minds, and it might even circulate among the public, and bring you new customers through recommendations from others.

The cost of printing labels and business cards is very low, and you can distribute them in any way you see fit. You can add stickers with your company’s logo to your vehicles, to be visible and memorable to customers, merchants and the general public. This is an effective way to attract customers with minimal effort and cost.

All the marketing ideas presented in the article are inexpensive, but you can always double the number of viewers in the case of social media or the website, by paying for “sponsored ads” from the same platforms and sites. Visit our website to learn more about our modern logistics solutions.

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