Consumer expectations for faster delivery times are growing rapidly, and retailers are tirelessly strategizing ways to provide these services. At the same time Logistics and delivery companies are looking toward new technology to make the last mile of delivery less time consuming. Today, whether the customer is a homeowner waiting for his home furniture to arrive, a retailer waiting for his inventory, or even a housewife waiting for the groceries she ordered over the phone, their primary concern is that their order arrives in the shortest time possible.

With the qualitative leap in the world of E-commerce and delivery, time has become one of the most critical success measures in such types of businesses. Years ago, same day deliveries were a luxury for the customer, but today most retailers and delivery companies need to offer same day or even same hour delivery options in order to attract and maintain customers.

A successful last mile process, in which the customer is served well and orders are delivered fast, leaves customers satisfied and it might even turn customers to ambassadors for your brand. A study conducted by Super Office indicates that 90% of shoppers are willing to pay additional fees in exchange for extra fast shipping.

At the same time, an unsuccessful delivery process has a lot of consequences, as a study by Zetes (a supply chain solutions company), indicates that 40% of consumers will not  deal again with the same company if they had a bad delivery experience. Also according to a survey conducted by Reuters news agency, 65% of logistics companies see customer satisfaction as the biggest challenge in their field of work.

The surge in demand for e-commerce and delivery caused by Covid 19 pandemic took delivery companies by surprise, thus most companies struggled to keep up with the increase in demand. Due to the unprecedentedly large number of orders, delivery companies found it challenging to make on time deliveries, even the largest delivery companies struggled with on time deliveries, for example the percentage of successful on time deliveries at UPS decreased from 96.6% to 91%, similarly FedEx experienced a significant decrease from 95.6% to 88% the following year.

Since the start of the pandemic delivery companies have realized that they need to resort to new ways of doing things if they are to be able to keep up with the surge in demand. In order to increase the efficiency of their operations delivery companies realized that the analogue world and paper-based transactions are no longer a long-term option, and that instead delivery companies need to resort to technological solutions which can help them better control and manage their operations.

One of the most effective, and affordable tech solutions that delivery companies turned to after the pandemic are Delivery Management Software programs, such softwares act as comprehensive management softwares that automate and digitize delivery operations and decrease margins of error to almost zero. Such software programs are guaranteed to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of delivery operations. Such software programs also provide innovative features which guarantee on time deliveries, and significantly reduce fuel consumption rates, for example Route Optimization features provide delivery drivers with the shortest, most optimal route to take when making multiple deliveries.

“The one who misuses time is the first to complain about its shortness.”

Smart management knows the value of time, and Advanced Delivery Management Softwares such as LogesTechs take into account the importance of time and the need to take advantage of it by any company specialized in the field of logistics.

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