After the quantum leap in the world of logistics, competition between companies rose, causing consumer expectations to change forever. It is imperative for delivery companies to change their traditional management of the last mile process, to raise competition and secure a place in this thorny field.

“I will invest billions of dollars to build a technology base in a logistics network that aims to improve delivery and reduce costs.” – Jack Ma, Founder of Alibaba | 2018.

The Chinese logistics genius Jack Ma doesn’t play around when it comes to his company’s future, the e-commerce giant has built a huge technology base that has made Alibaba a leader in the delivery field.

Ali Baba and Amazon changed the concepts of the game by making same-day delivery a normal thing, which resulted in demand for ultra-fast and highly efficient delivery by consumers.

You don’t have to invest billions or millions, a few dollars can get you a highly efficient Delivery Management Software.

5 reasons to follow Jack Ma’s decision:

1- Reducing dependency on labor

The traditional last mile process requires a large amount of human resources. The company incurs the wages of a large number of employees, and time is wasted between simple tasks, which if you were running automatically, will be accomplished very quickly. However, this process is subject to defects, such as theft and embezzlement. By using delivery management softwares, delivery companies will eliminate these challenges and ensure smooth and more efficient deliveries.

2- Rationing fuel consumption and avoiding crises

The Last Mile Delivery Software includes advanced features that have been carefully developed to decrease last mile costs. For example, the Routing Feature works using live data and algorithms to choose the best route for drivers.The system ensures the delivery of the largest number of parcels in the least amount of time with lowest fuel consumption rates.

The system collects live data about road conditions, from drivers and other sources, which helps drivers avoid traffic jams and late deliveries. By using the routing feature, the company guarantees a noticeable reduction in fuel consumption, lower maintenance cost, speed and highly efficient performance by drivers, all combined gives you on-time delivery at the lowest costs.

3- Increasing the percentage of successful deliveries

A study conducted by “loqate”, showed that the average e-commerce company in the United Kingdom, loses approximately 200,000 pounds annually, as a result of incomplete deliveries.

It’s obvious how a Delivery Management software can help increase successful deliveries..

The last mile management software includes features such as live communication between the customer and the courier, which assures that the parcel arrives while the customer is available.

And can also be used to postpone the delivery process to the customer at his request. Automating the last mile process will ensure that all tasks are completed with high accuracy and on time.

4- Providing consumers with same-day delivery service

Can you imagine how powerful and effective a delivery system like Amazon’s, a system that made Amazon capable of doing same day delivery in a bunch of American states.

To keep pace with this development and to have an amazing service like same day delivery, you have to automate the delivery processes of your company.A delivery software categorizes new orders in the quickest way possible, for them to be ready for your drivers to pick up and deliver, this effectiveness will increase the chance of having packages delivered on the same day.

5- Reducing the risks

The delivery management software was designed using advanced technologies. This software gives you unparalleled insight into the movements of your vehicles.This system uses previously saved data of previously taken routes, to provide you with important information such as dangerous routes and areas, will help increase visibility, making the company more secure.

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