No one imagined that e-commerce would be so popular in the Arab world.
Today, a few years after its beginnings, it has become the wheel of the economy, and it directly affects the national return. This lucrative business that has attracted pioneers of all ages and fields is complex despite its simplicity.

E-commerce in the Arab world is expected to generate nearly $20 billion in revenue for 2021, which shows the size of this market and also indicates from afar the fierce competition it is experiencing. Today, small and newly established electronic stores must work hard to rise. This field requires creativity, planning, marketing and tight management.

Among the factors that may affect the success or failure of a store is customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction is not limited to the quality of the goods only, but depends on your delivery mechanism. A study indicates that more than 60% of online shoppers believe that what frustrates them the most and spoils their shopping experience is poor deliveries.

Delivering your packages yourself is costly and takes a lot of effort and time. Therefore, most electronic stores resort to delivery companies to carry out the delivery process. And here is the pivotal point, your work has become in the hands of those who deliver your parcels, as it is based on the accuracy of your delivery dates and professional treatment, as the delivery worker is the face of the company and what the customer sees after completing the purchase process.

In this article, 5 factors will help you choose the most suitable delivery company for your store:

1- The suitability of the delivery company to the nature of your business:
Delivery companies serve different sectors with multiple needs, from restaurants to stores, companies and more, it is very important to make sure that the delivery company has experience with the nature of your business. The delivery company should be aware of the average number of packages that leave your store per month, if for example you trade in secretions or fragile materials that require sensitive delivery, the delivery company should be qualified to deal with such goods and have previous experience in delivering them.

2- Use of technology by delivery company:
You have to make sure and ensure that the delivery company that you will deal with uses technological programs, as it has become an inevitable necessity in the logistical work, as companies that do not use technology in their work will negatively affect you, as traditional delivery companies suffer from problems in delivery on time and money management. In the process of payment upon receipt, as, more importantly, it does not bring expected customer satisfaction. Reliance of delivery companies on technology increases the quality and efficiency of delivery significantly.

3- Experience and efficiency of the delivery company:
Before contracting with a delivery company, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with its history in the market, as well as the opinions of customers about it and their evaluations, in order to be able to estimate the strength and efficiency of this company. He is fully aware of the nature of delivery in the area in which you are located.

4- Areas covered by the delivery company:
If your business is on a local level, and your customers are from within the country in which you are located, you should contract with a local delivery company, because it simply focuses its efforts on one geographical spot, so you are fully aware of road conditions and busy hours and can adapt to the nature of the place and its problems.

5- Insurance:
Safety be taken into consideration, as it is a big deal for every business, you must ensure the safety of your goods always and forever, especially if the goods you sell are expensive, such as electronics, jewelry and others. Before signing the contract with the delivery company, you must make sure that there are terms that guarantee the protection of your goods.

These points, if you take them into account, can guarantee you high-quality delivery, bring you customer satisfaction, a good reputation and high productivity, but if you want to resort to self-delivery, you need to hear this; We provide a Delivery Management Software, which is a program specialized in managing delivery operations. Logistics system based on artificial intelligence, guarantees you automatic deliveries free of human errors, and high quality delivery.

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