It is an established fact that the relationship between delivery companies and e-commerce stores is interdependent, meaning that the success or failure of one is the success or failure of the other. In the context of e-commerce businesses, the final consumer will judge the e-commerce store’s services not only based on the service that the store provided but also on the services of the delivery company. Some might even argue that the greatest responsibility over customer satisfaction falls on the shoulders of the delivery companies carrying out last mile deliveries for e-commerce stores.

In order to retain customers, delivery companies need to make a good impression and increase customer satisfaction. Increased customer satisfaction will directly be reflected through increased business and profits for both the e-commerce store and the delivery company.

However in today’s world, delivery companies are finding it harder to satisfy customer’s increasing expectations of shorter delivery times and cheaper deliveries. Delivery companies who are not able to utilize technological advancement to meet such increased expectations are doomed to fail and take down any e-commerce stores they work with. After the outbreak of the COVID 19 pandemic delivery companies are increasingly resorting to technology solutions that contribute to increasing their effectiveness and performance.

The most popular of such tech solutions designed for delivery companies are delivery management softwares, such softwares allow delivery companies to organize their operations in a way that would significantly reduce errors and losses, in addition such delivery management softwares help delivery companies streamline their work and empowers them to scale their businesses to the next level. There are numerous benefits that a delivery management software would bring to a delivery company. In this article we will focus on how such softwares can help satisfy customers and increase their loyalty.

4 ways delivery management softwares can contribute towards increased customer satisfaction for e-commerce stores:

1- Customers are looking for increased visibility

88 percent of consumers say the ability to track shipments in real-time is important to them. Thus delivery companies who do not offer live tracking to the end consumers are likely to disappoint their customers. In addition to live tracking, delivery management softwares offer delivery companies the option to communicate live with the final customer through the text messaging features. By texting the consumer the driver can confirm whether the customer is able to receive the package, and give customers the option to have someone else receive the package for them.

2- There is no room for damaged parcels

Studies show that 79 percent of consumers wouldn’t purchase from an e-commerce shop again if the delivery was damaged. Whether the customer’s package contains sanitary paper or an iPhone, he absolutely does not want his goods to arrive damaged. Traditional delivery companies that do not rely on a delivery management software in their work, often suffer from lack of organization and mismanagement, as well as overcrowding goods and not sorting them out in practical ways. When delivery companies start using delivery management software, the process of receiving, sorting and delivering goods is organized in a way that has no room for error or negligence, and parcels are much more likely to remain intact until they reach the final customer.

3- Punctual delivery is a must

69 percent of consumers wouldn’t purchase from an e-commerce store again if their delivery was late. With the development of this market, and the intense competition it is witnessing, customers have become accustomed to punctuality and fast delivery. Delivery companies that use delivery management softwares, are able to provide fast deliveries through utilizing features that save time and increase efficiency. One of these features is Route Optimization, it’s used to draw the shortest path for the drivers, saving them precious time.

4- Professional delivery workers are key

Studies also show that 57 percent of consumers wouldn’t purchase from an e-commerce store again if the delivery person was unprofessional. It often happens that the delivery worker leaves a bad impression on customers, due to his lack of professionalism or poor work ethics. But how does a delivery management software contribute towards increasing the professionalism of the work team? Advanced systems like LogesTechs, offer Key Performance Indicator, which is a tool that measures drivers performance. Such driver performance reports include number of completed deliveries, time for each delivery.

Thus to conclude we advise e-commerce stores to be very careful when choosing a delivery company to work with. Make sure that the delivery company you choose uses a delivery management software to run its operations. If you want your customers to be happy you need to find a delivery company that has that same goal and understands the interdependency of your relationship to each other.

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